Workshop Details

The Livable Future Investing Workshop is a 3.5 week collaborative workshop that inspires and resources asset stewards to become protagonists of transformation, particularly in the integration of their faith with the finances of their institution.

Embracing a moment of opportunity

A growing number of faith-based asset holders are reckoning with the injustices perpetrated by our dominant investment paradigms.

The Livable Future Investing Workshop creates a space (1) to dialogue about how the limited options afforded by conventional finance constrain our ability to live our faith, and (2) to dream about what we must build in order to truly bring about “faith-first” finance. We seek a “disruption” of “finance as usual” that helps restore reciprocity and solidarity in the realm of business and finance.

We draw upon something old (the wisdom embodied in Catholic Social Tradition) in order to create something new. Our effort roots principally in Pope Francis’ call in Laudato Si’ to hear the “cry of the earth” and the “cry of the poor.”

This initiative is not a Catholics-only effort – nor is it denominational. We believe the principles of Catholic Social Teaching offer a universal framework to help guide our efforts to build the solidarity economy, and ultimately a livable future for people and planet.

Not your typical workshop

You have likely heard from our alumni that this workshop is different from any other professional experience.

Our workshop model combines the spiritual nourishment of a retreat, the intellectual insight of a committed classroom, the warmth of a faith community, the practical tools of a community organizing training, and the graced energy of a prophetic sermon.

We are not aware of anything else quite like it.

Deep Experience, Joyful Presence

Elizabeth Garlow and Felipe Witchger pour their substantial experience with finance, entrepreneurs, and faith communities into the content of this workshop

Learn by Doing

Every aspect of the workshop is designed to animate your life as a protagonist of the transformation you seek in the world.


Is this workshop for me?

When you are ready, the application is straight-forward. You can find it here.

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Apply to the Livable Future Investing Workshop

The program dates:

July 25th – August 22nd, 2023

Note: The application deadline for this session is Tuesday, June 13th 2023 at 11:59pm ET (New York Time)

The application takes about 15 minutes to complete

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